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Comprehensive restoration and repair services for floor & carpets.

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We are a company specialized in floors and carpets, of all kinds, delivering in each service the best quality in the market.

More than 30 years of experience support us and hundreds of satisfied customers for the service we have provided. Our jobs are precise and guaranteed, offering reliable, economical and efficient solutions.


Restoration of all types of floors: leveling, replacement of tiles, cracks, leaks.


we install from scratch, any type of carpets and floors, for any place in your house.


we repair all kinds of damaged flooring and carpets, we will try to recover most of the damage.

full range of services for all of your floors needs

Carpet restoration

We have experience in the decoration market for the home, residences, hotels, auditoriums, casinos, convention halls and the construction industry. 

In addition, we attend to all your carpet cleaning and washing needs, as well as polishing of wood and marble floors with the attention of professional staff at all times. The satisfaction of our clients in compliance, competitive costs and quality are our best presentation.

Floor maintenance

Ceramic and porcelain floors provide elegance and create unique and sophisticated environments, depending on their applications and combinations. However, if proper care is not taken, they can break or stain, going from being elegant to being disastrous.

Fortunately, maintaining these floors is not difficult. Just a few minutes are enough to guarantee its duration and good appearance.

Our work methodology

We know all your requirements and needs

We take measurements, calculate material and present a budget.

We start the work in a timely manner.

We deliver the works, guaranteeing quality.

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